Essential Tips For Wedding Brides On The Big Day

wedding bride

So it’s the big day. Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the in-laws are coming (sorry about this one), your family is ready to see you make the connection and you’re ready to go. Only one problem, you’re an absolute train wreck of anxiety and you’re so nervous to walk down the aisle and see the man you’re about to spend the rest of your life with. It’s completely normal to feel that level of anxiety. Some even call it cold feet. Don’t let it get to you because he will have it too. It’s 100% normal.

With a few tips and some training of yourself, you can remain calm and you have a relatively stress free wedding, excluding the people who try to screw everything up for you or don’t do the things you paid them to do. Everyone who has planned or been in the internal workings of a wedding knows just how many things can go wrong in a split second. For instance, there’s the band you hired who looks nothing like their picture when they show up. They’ve all aged considerably, their equipment looks broken and they’re probably now working for beer money because Hollywood never worked out for them.

Then you have the photographer who will forget his equipment when he gets there, bride’s maids who are breaking down because they’re seeing someone get married and it’s just a constant reminder to them that they’re not married. So, how can you stay calm and how can you make it a better day for you in the long run?

First, there’s tanning. Tanning is a very relaxing time and a place to get away from all your troubles. One thing you need to be weary of though is the time you tan. You shouldn’t do it a week before the wedding or on the week of the wedding unless you want to look like one of those orange California girls you see on TV.

Don’t put glitter on your face. You’re not Ke$ha or 14 years old anymore and while it may be a funny idea to people around you, it’s going to come out looking absolutely awful in pictures.

What about seeing each other? Typically, you’re not allowed to see one another as it says by tradition or you’re going to have a bad marriage but how much truth is there to that? Many experts actually say that you should see each other before the wedding. So where does this bizarre tradition come from?

Back in the old days, there were marriages that were arranged and they were always for money. What would happen is, if the bride and groom saw each other, the groom could actually reject the bride. This means, that if there was any kind of rejection or someone got cold feet, the parents that arranged the marriage wouldn’t receive the money. This is why the bride and groom were never allowed to see each other before arranged marriages and this tradition has held ever since. It’s a very bizarre one.

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