Picking The Best Wedding Officiant For Your Big Day

picking a wedding officiant

How many years have you been planning out your wedding in your head? The answer is probably a lot of years. Some people actually plan out their wedding well in advance, starting when their children and lasting until they actually do get married. So, you know exactly what you want your special day to look like. For women, it’s far more planned out in advance as they don’t just plan this out in their heads, they practically dream over it and go over every little detail in their head.

From the moment they arrive in the building to the moment they kiss their groom, even walking down the aisle and how all eyes are on here. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration for whoever is doing the hiring of the officiant. Remember that this is an important day but it’s so much more important for her. You need an officiant who relates to weddings well, has a lot of experience and can relate to the bride well.

Here are some things to go over before we begin on picking the absolute best officiant for your wedding.

  • Make sure that you decide you know exactly what your ceremony is going to look like and not just something that you want in your head. This shouldn’t be an ideal; it should be etched out in stone and already decided.
  • The next things you need to look at are the values. Are you a spiritual person? Are you just traditional and don’t really care about the spiritual connection? Is religion important to you, especially when it comes to the officiant?
  • The ceremony will need to reflect you and your significant other, no one else.

Now then, you need to know what things should be taken into consideration when hiring the officiant and choosing someone who will relate well to you and your wedding theme.

  • Someone who is reliable should be the very first point. Obviously, someone who’s great with business and someone who can be found easily. If someone isn’t reliable asks to officiate, then what if you’re left standing there at the altar without an officiant on your wedding day?
  • Can this officiate be found on any social media network or any network at all? Do they have any reviews, even if they’re all positive? Look for negative things posted, try to personally contact that person and people who have had a bad experience usually have no problem talking to someone about it.
  • When you have some additions you’d like to make to the ceremony, make sure you have an officiant that’s more than willing to accommodate those needs and someone who understands them as well. Make sure that if you’re doing a rehearsal, that they’re more than willing to oversee it and to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch.

Hiring people for your wedding crew is stressful enough but making sure that you hire someone who is competent and someone who is professional is important.

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