Things You Should And Shouldn’t Do On Your Wedding Day

wedding day tips

Weddings aren’t fun to plan and they’re more stressful for the people involved. However, when it’s your big day, it’s too late to plan anything or make any changes. Now, you’ve got to go with it and whatever’s going to happen is going to happen. So while the planning is over, let’s talk about your big day. What are some of the things that you should and shouldn’t do?

Checking Things Off – This is a definite do. You need to make sure that you have some kind of list to keep everything in line and to make sure that you’re checking things off as you go, when necessary.

Pinterest – This isn’t a bad idea for brides. There are so many women that use that site and so many ideas on there for people looking at cake, wedding dresses and just wedding ideas in general. Pin them for yourself and present them to your planner. They could have a better idea.

An Open Bar – This one could go either way. Maybe you should or maybe you shouldn’t. If you’re really that tight on your budget then don’t do it but I’d highly recommend that you do this. Having a bar keeps your guests refreshed and plenty intoxicated. Drinks however can add up quick depending on your guests and how much they drink. If you have some well-known alcoholics, maybe it’ll be best to scrap the bar or have them specifically cut off.

Make sure that you thank everyone. Make sure that everyone who works to make your wedding happen is properly appreciated and everyone is welcomed. It’s best to do it over the mic so that everyone hears it and hey, if they’re drunk from the open bar, maybe they’ll think it’s actually sincere.

Guest Requests – No, no, no and no. This is a big no. Just think about this for a moment and think about how disastrous this could result in. While some guests have a good idea of what they want but the next thing you know, you could have a circus tent and live performers in your dining hall because of some drunken decision. Okay, that’s a little extreme but just don’t do it.

Doing It Yourself – Huge no, once again. Never ever try to plan a wedding yourself without the help of a professional or at least a planner. You will regret it and everyone at your wedding will hate you. Believe me when I say that the wedding would be an utter disaster. There’s far too many things to do unless you’re on a court house wedding level budget. Try hiring an experienced wedding officiant in long island new york.

Fighting With Parents – Look, no one likes to ask their parents for money but when it comes to in-laws, they can definitely fight over who’s paying for what. They’ll try to stiff each other and some harsh words might come out over the rehearsal dinner. Let them work it out on their own and don’t get involved in the melee. More often than not, it works itself out.

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